Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity is one of my favourite design challenges.  It is a chance to create a visual representation of everything a company stands for, communicating its values, expressing the brand’s unique identity and getting the users to identify with it.
And it all starts with a logo.

Dr. Heike Hoppe Dental Clinic

Dr. Heike Hoppe’s dental clinic in Berlin is a modern dental practice with specialized dentists and the latest equipment which provide solutions to all patients irrespective of age.

Designing the logo of the doctor‘s office was one of the projects I worked on as part of my collaboration with e27.

Dalia Research

Dalia is an ever-expanding team of data scientists, creative geniuses, programmers, political analysts, researchers, thinkers and explorers. It was founded in Berlin in 2013, with a clear vision to utilise mobile technology to change the way that attitudinal data is collected, analysed and presented.

Charlotte Home

Charlotte Home is a real estate company that operates in Berlin. With projects like the Hausburg Quartier in Prenzlauer Berg and their current one in Kreuzberg they target both private individuals as well as investors.

Designing the logo of Charlotte Home was one of the projects I worked on as part of my collaboration with e27.

Happy Artists Collective

Happy Artists Collective is a talented and friendly group of two creative women, Ioli Stefanou, jewellery designer, and Sofia Petratou, photographer, that brought their independent businesses together to create a common label.

They live and work in Athens, Greece and they distribute their products in Greece, Spain and Germany.

“Design is thinking made visual”
Saul Bass

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