The Impuls-Diät is a company based in Hamburg which provides an effective, tasty, mixed food concept for a healthy diet and effective weight reduction, without banning food and the use of food substitutes. It differs from conventional weight loss programs through its medical-scientific approach and its specific mode of action.

The basis of this is an individual mixed food diet according to a personal nutritional plan, adapted to the clients’ very special requirements with delicious recipes and meals, which are taken as part of a special eating routine. In the Impuls-Diät the goal is to optimize the clients’ vegetative nervous system through which essential body functions are intuitively controlled.

UX/UI   I   Visual Design

The website

The old Impuls-Diät site was content rich. After sketching and wireframing every page, I collated that content into a sitemap and restructured the hierarchy. I focused on an easy and clean design to get users to the content they wanted quicker.


In the digital world the homepage is a chance to create a first impression to the client and according to surveys the homepage is the most frequently visited page on most websites. In this case I wanted to create an environment where the user will be able to access the information he is looking for easily and quickly and, at the same time, to create an enjoyable user experience. Call To Action buttons, modern imagery and illustrations, key facts and information effectively catch users’ attention and create a positive impression of the quality of the product and encourage the user to take action and explore Impuls-Diät.

Questionnaire page

One of the most important features of Impuls-Diät is that the user gets to create his own personalised diet programme. This is why the questionnaire page is very important in terms of usability. The questionnaire is divided into six categories with five questions in each category in order to make the process seem fast and easy.

Creating a new mood board

Apart from solving usability issues that the old website had, my goal was also to create a modern look and feel with the visual design of the Impuls-Diät website. To support the new aesthetic I created a mood board which included new fonts, colours, images, illustrations and icons.

“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.”

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