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Searchmetrics is a company located in Berlin and a pioneer and leading global enterprise platform for search experience optimization. Search Experience Optimization combines SEO, content, social media, PR and analysis to create the foundation for developing and executing an organic search strategy. It puts the spotlight on the customer, contributing to a superior and memorable purchase experience.

Enterprises and agencies use the company's software to plan, execute, measure and report on their digital marketing strategies. Supported by a continually updated global database, Searchmetrics answers the key questions asked by SEO professionals and digital marketers. It delivers a wealth of forecasts, analytic insights and recommendations that boost visibility and engagement, and increase online revenue.

Rebranding   I   Art Direction

The brand

Working with the Marketing team of the company every step of the way I recreated the brand identity in order to communicate the essential value of the company, their commitment to create innovative solutions that provide competitive insight and market analysis.

My main focus in the rebranding procedure was to built a standardized “language“ of visual elements in order to make the company’s materials distinctive and immediately recognizable and therefore help establish the company’s name in the mind of their followers in the European and American market. These elements include the company’s updated logo, a typographic palette, a color palette and a specific photographic and icon style, i.e., visual elements which bring the company’s visual tone to life.

The “look and feel” of the brand is open, clean, and sophisticated, combining the use of white space along with the brands visual elements, a style that reflects the philosophy of the company.

In accordance with this visual language, flyers with new software features, invitations to tech exhibitions, researches, client case studies, company brochures are some of the print material that I created for informative and promoting purposes.

“If I search for the right thing in the wrong way then I must learn to search from those who search well, even if they search for the wrong thing.”
Manfred Hinrich

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