Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival

The Wonder Festival Group is a group of people who are involved in different Greek voluntary teams. Getting to know other volunteers made them realize the dynamics of their role and they decided to create an event to bring the volunteers of different teams together in order to strengthen the team members in particular and to promote volunteerism in general.

Volunteers are people who believe in change. They believe that everyone can contribute to solving a major problem by taking action on a personal level and by sharing the same vision with other people. The outcome of such actions is visible to society and this is what the festival team calls a wonder.

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The concept

In order to create a visual identity and use it in communication applications I created two distinct artistic compositions that were then used in the web design and the printed advertisement of the festival respectively: one for the volunteers meeting and one for the concert that followed. Through the use of the vibrant logo colors as original matter and their combination with graphic elements like the volunteers-bubbles that comprise the logo, my goal was to create the same light, festive spirit of the day of the festival.

For the festival’s online presence the main priority was to create a simple way for the user to access all the information about the teams that participated and therefore to give him the opportunity to take part in such a voluntary action himself.


One more brand asset of Wonder Festival is a series of minimal icons I came up with for the website menu.

“Be the change you want to see in the world“
Mahatma Gandhi